Hello and welcome to Playback+Productions. A one-stop shop for high-quality video productions like commercials, web videos, corporate and training videos, and video assist services.

I’m Jamie Moore and I’m in the business of being creative. We specialize in video production, editing, and motion graphics, but we're also known for script and copywriting, creating cool layouts, concepting solid campaign ideas, and bringing a unique perspective to each and every project.

Our philosophy is first and foremost, make sure the client is happy with the end project. Whatever it takes. But a close second is making sure we're happy with the end project. We figure, if we can impress ourselves, or make ourselves laugh on a project, then we've done a good job and have a pretty good chance others will feel the same way.  What it boils down to is we've got experience in all phases of creativity. Brainstorming. Concept. Pitch. Execution. Budget. And overall client satisfaction. 

And don't forget, Playback + Productions also provides VTR playback on video shoots.  An all HD capture system with immediate playback that has served hundreds of shoots from commercials to feature length movies.

So thanks for dropping by. Whether you're here for information on video production, editing & motion graphics, video assist, copy, layout, & design, or equipment rental, you'll find it all here.  Feel free to browse around.  If you have the time, i highly recommend checking out my collection of viral web videos that make me laugh, and my top 10 comedies of all time.